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02Apr2005 [film]

Installed Limewire and been downloading lots of anime lately... (discovered a pretty amazing series called Wolf's Rain, currently downloading Ep11 of 30)

And got to thinking... I want to make movies afterall, and I'd rather be able to make a living from them rather than have people downloading them for free... But it's not really that simple. In the case of anime, there's been a subculture sharing subtitled anime episodes for years, because they're otherwise very hard to come by outside Japan... But if I make independent movies (read, niche audiences), I DO want fans to share my work - that's better than having my work languish unseen, and the Net enables me to share work with people anywhere, rather than having to find a big enough group in any one place...

So I'm wondering about making films/webmedia pieces, &c, and releasing them freely on the net... Then the money-making part would come from sponsorship, which could take two forms: 1) the old patronage system, where someone sponsors a work of art; or 2) exclusive works for corporations

All very idealistic, but still a step closer to reality than what the movie and music industries are attempting to cling on to.

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