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Desktop Specs

15Nov2005 [wishlist]

After making lists of suitable desktop Beasts, I've gone back and reduced to a set of minimum specs. For now they're very basic as I haven't quite got my head around all the details; this also means the specs could be met by an Apple, a Dell or a homebrew machine...

Update: with further research I've tied down a few specifics, all of which are Beige; White's only hope now is similarly priced equivalents

As explained in White vs Beige Round 1, my decision will really come down to hardware - if I go White, the software will be all Apple; if I go Beige, I'll continue to dual-boot Win and Linux. And my list of tasks is short, but important: I have to be able to day-to-day multitask, and I have to be able to render video at an acceptable speed. So, what it comes down to, is how can I get a quality machine that meets the following specs for the least cost:

I've still got to work out the power requirements on my beast too. And there are a couple places I could take 'shortcuts' until I get the cash to get things better: eg, get a mobo with integrated graphics and a cheap (but large) CRT at first, then upgrade with a graphics card and LCD later... And I could just get one HDD instead of 2 upfront, but the difference in cost for effort (of converting to RAID later) doesn't seem worth it.