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Drop that double-u-double-u-double-u-dot

08Nov2005 [webprog]

Seriously, get rid of those www.'s. They're clumsy to say, and they're four extra keypresses I don't want to have to do. All server setups allow you to drop the www and still get served the same site, or even be redirected (if you enter, you'll get redirected to, and I've done the same for all my sites). When I don't type in the www. and get a server not found error, or worse, a misconfiguration that gives me a different page altogether, I don't want to hang around.

Also extremely important for advertising, as saying those extra-long letters takes up a chunk of your 30-second ad-slot. And everyone should now know that if those few words you just said have a ".com" in them, but no @, it's a website.

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