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28Sep2004 [webprog]

Cool trick, discovered this in a roundabout way. Some librarians got together to create a bookmarklet that could link direct to a catalogue given a books ISBN. Played with the URL, and it looks pretty easy to build a 'go' search tool for a website.

Build from the following link:

Then you could create a box to enter keywords that append to the end of that string. So if you entered Matrix it'd append that to the string, giving you this link via Google (which is just the top result for the selected keywords)

Once I get a better webhost it'll be even safer, for now there's the slim possibility that the top result could lead to another site hosted by swiftdsl that contains the words wintermute and matrix, but I did a search with just wintermute separately, and all the results are my site... Update: I've updated the links to reflect the current site address

Ref: Library Stuff - and others

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