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17May2004 [webprog]

Hi, I use your website for a client and I find it very annoying/temperamental. My browser of choice is Konqueror, running on Linux, and when on Windows I prefer Mozilla Firefox - but your site runs terribly on Linux and not a lot better in Firefox. There seem to be a bunch of controls that aren't coded correctly for web standards (for example, when I edit a property on the 'Details' page, the text boxes down the bottom shrink to the (too small) default, whereas in IE they appear larger). That's kind of annoying but at least works. It gets worse when I want to upload images - sometimes it works fine, other times it won't at all - regardless of how the image files were created (in Linux or Windows) - if I'm uploading from Linux it will sometimes give me an error page with no useful description and an inconsistent error code. When I click the error code for more information I get file-not-found errors. If I then switch to a Windows XP computer and upload those very same files (shared over the network) it works fine. I've tried this enough times now that I know it's not a file format problem - I'm assuming (given the dodgy non-standard coding elsewhere) that it's something at your end...

PS. Imagine my disgust when I submit this form (in Firefox under WinXP) and I get another error page - error code 1259440 this time - and when I click the code I get a popup Alert "Redirection limit for this URL exceeded. Unable to load the requested page. This may be caused by cookies that are blocked." Which is a bit of a nonsense really as I'm allowing all cookies...

PPS Turns out the feedback went through even though I got that error message (I think cos I refreshed the page and RESENT the data). I got a couple confirmation emails - but they didn't get the post-scripted version for whatever reason.

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