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07Oct2005 [webprog]

Made a couple little changes... Added a 'ping-o-matic' link so that I can notify the majors when my blog gets updated -- but on some sites it wasn't working, reporting that the URL wasn't in their database. So I went to their site and did a manual ping; it worked, but when I did the ping-o-matic, still no dice.

What I did achieve however, was getting Google's blogsearch to pick up my RSS feed -- a potentially very handy feature, as it indexes _only_ the blog entry, ignoring all the template data (which is, after all, the same for every entry). Currently Google only have my latest 13 entries (should hit 14 quickly after I post this, I'll be interested to see how quickly it picks up), because I only have the latest 10 in my RSS feed... But that'll improve as Google's index grows. Also noticed that Blogsearch has an extra blogurl:* keyword, so I can search for my own entries using "*keyword*"...

And while I was there, discovered why the ping wasn't working properly: I'd been using as the link in the RSS feed, while I've been reporting as the link in the ping -- so some sites figured it out but lots didn't -- duh. So now that's all fixed too.

Update: took somewhere between 30 and 50 minutes to hit blogsearch, which I'm rather impressed by...

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