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The Altar Of Reason

10Jun2004 [webprog]

there's still a web design section coming... Now that uni's finished for the semester I'll try build some more.

But in the meantime...

This is my section of a group project. We built it around the human brain, which became an excuse to do our own thing - I used the theme of 'reason' as a leaping point.

It's a Director project, I have it here in Shockwave format, but it's kind of large (almost 4MB) so broadband only! It's basically about science/reason leading to unreasonable results. And to emphasise just how dodgy such definitions are, it's built around mystical metaphors - hence the Altar, and with text adapted from the Old Testament.

Click the link on the right, which'll popup an 800x600 window, or if you're not allowing popups, this one.

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