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White vs Beige, Round 2

09Nov2005 [wishlist]

Been researching further. Started by going after the high-end systems, completely out of my reach financially, but worth getting an idea of what's available and what of it I really need. Much to my surprise, the PowerMac G5 complete with 20" screen actually worked out cheaper than similar offerings from IBM, Dell and Alienware.

Add to that the fact that I'm finding that the PowerMacs don't seem to be so difficult to upgrade after-all. Certainly the RAM and hard drive space can be upgraded; there are spare internal card slots, and there may be workarounds for other upgrades too.

So White is making a rather unexpected comeback. The next round will be fought over mid-range systems (ie, top of my budget). Beige has a strong initial showing as it has many more options, but I shan't rule out the low-end PowerMacs just yet.

Oh and I've moved this post and the previous one into a new ?bits=wishlist category, which is really just somewhere for me to explore all the gadgets et alia that I'm after.