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Nokia N and E Series

19Feb2006 [wishlist]

I desperately need a new phone, and am trying to get a nice all-in-one gadget - music player, organiser, camera, with wifi. Nokia release a bunch of new N Series and E Series phones over the next couple months, one of which I'll be getting... They all have the features I want, but focus on slightly different things. No details on prices yet, though I'm guessing they'll be round the A$1000-A$1400 mark. (Seems impossible to get wifi in a phone for under $1000).

Nokia have really impressed me with their designs lately. There were a couple years in there where they copied a lot of other (very ugly) offerings, but they seem to have gone back to their old simple and sleek designs. And it's about time someone bundled features together like they have with these phones!