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21Sep2005 [music]

Amarok screenshot :: playing Craig Armstrong's Rise Amarok tells me I've played this CD 26 times in the two days I've had it. And that I last played this song nearly an hour ago (the length of the album). I've basically had it on non-stop the last couple days.

Craig Armstrong's The Space Between Us is beautiful... A little old now, but I've kept my eye out for his work ever since Moulin Rouge; found this CD going relatively cheap. It could be described as 'orchestral'; in many ways it's like Rob Dougan's softer stuff (family will know what I'm talking about 'cause I played the CD all the time!). And the CD is one of those ones that remind you why we still buy CDs instead of downloading individual songs -- amazingly constructed. Track 7 of 12 is Balcony Scene (from Romeo and Juliet), a song I'd not normally listen to, but it cuts the album in half brilliantly, before the climactic Rise. Then it calms down again -- the final 7 or 8 minutes of the album not a lot happens, sounds waft in and out as the piano plays.

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