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A Coruña (y Betanzos)


Visited A Coruña Aug26-28, with a trip to Betanzos Aug27. A Coruña is a big industrial town in Galicia, with a huge port and beautiful beach (and the weather was spectacular for bonus points). Betanzos is a small medieval hill-town, complete with thin steep streets; it's recently expanded a great deal but most of the newer development is rather neglected.

  • A Cat
  • Coal
  • Docks
  • A Coruña

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Santiago de Compostela


Visited Santiago de Compostela Aug23-25. According to legend the cathedral holds the remains of the Apostle James, and has long been a pilgrimage destination. The city is the final stop on the famous 'Way of St James' pilgrimage, a walk along the north of Spain. The cathedral is in the beautiful medieval Old Town.

  • Santiago de Compostela
  • Santiago de Compostela
  • Santiago de Compostela
  • Santiago de Compostela

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World Youth Day 2005


Attended WYD2005 in Köln with an Australian group from Sydney. We spent a week on pilgrimage in France, then a week in Köln, with the final weekend spent at the Marienfeld, a huge agricultural field opened up for the occasion.

  • Rouen Cathedral
  • Rouen: Jeanne d'Arc
  • Lisieux: St Therese
  • Lisieux: St Therese

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Visited Versailles one Saturday evening; they open the gardens up, run all the fountains, have a few people running around in costume, and let off fireworks at the end of it all... Couldn't take photos of very much because of the low lighting, but in the sunset it's all very romantic

  • Versailles, Dusk
  • Versailles, Dusk
  • Versailles, Sunset
  • Versailles, And The Real World

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Touring With Family


Travelled with family through England and to Paris in late June - early July. This album includes photos from Old Sarum, Hampton Court, London, Winchester, Glastonbury and Paris. Some of our trips deserved dedicated albums.

  • Mum at Old Sarum
  • Fields
  • Natalie at Old Sarum
  • New Sarum from Old

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Cornwall: Tintagel


Spent a couple nights in Cornwall in Boscastle, just down the coast from Tintagel. Tintagel is truely magical, from the little beach and Merlin's Cave to the Dark Ages settlements and medieval castle atop the Head...

  • Tintagel
  • Tintagel, Magic
  • Tintagel Head
  • Dark Ages Tintagel

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Arundel Castle


Visited Arundel Castle, home of the Dukes of Norfolk. It's one of few castles to have been used both as a defensive castle and as a stately home (the family still live there), and with its constant use and extensions over the centuries, it's exactly what a castle is supposed to be.

  • Arundel Castle
  • Arundel Castle
  • Norfolk Ensign
  • Arundel Castle

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Spent a day in Cardiff 22June2005, mainly visiting the Castle and wandering around the town

  • Cardiff Castle keep
  • Cardiff Castle
  • Welsh Ensign
  • Cardiff Castle

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Summer Solstice 2005


Spent the day before the Summer Solstice at Avebury, which was full of hippies preparing for that night. Was staying in Salisbury with Stonehenge just up the road so spent the night there with a crowd of 10,000. The only time of the year you can touch the stones; the atmosphere was truely awe-inspiring and I hope the images give some idea of what it was like.

  • Avebury
  • Avebury
  • Avebury
  • Avebury

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various sites around Wilton; Wilton House's gardens are particularly beautiful, and ridiculously stereotypical -- they're often used to shoot period films

  • Non-Conformist Church
  • Wilton House
  • Wilton House
  • Wilton House

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