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Stories from the Cellar


presented by Sydney Living Museums and Wildwon Projects at Elizabeth Bay House, 23 February 2014; a wonderful mix of personal storytelling and delicious food

  • Rabbit
  • Skinned Rabbit
  • Chandelier
  • Light & Shadow

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Sydney Harbour 2013


after travelling in October 2013, took a ferry to Manly and rediscovered the beauty of Sydney Harbour

  • Harbour I
  • Harbour II
  • Harbour III
  • Harbour IV

(4 photos)

Hong Kong 2013


Visited Hong Kong in October 2013; amazed by how much it keeps changing

  • Development I
  • Development II
  • Development III
  • From the Peak I

(12 photos)

Shanghai 2013


Travelled to Shanghai in October 2013, and fell in love with the city; it's a beautiful mix of styles, and a remarkably liveable city, with great civic spirit

  • The Bund I
  • The Bund II
  • The Bund III
  • The Bund IV

(25 photos)

Singapore 2013


Travelled to Singapore in Sept/Oct 2013; an amazing Jungle City, all about the coexistence of the island jungle, the changing climate, and precarious engineering

  • Memorial I
  • Memorial II
  • Memorial III
  • Alien Superstructures

(31 photos)

Light and Rain


Light and Rain

Vivid — Lighting the Sails 24May2013


This year’s lights on the Opera House aren’t quite as good as last’s, but still lots of beautiful colours and the play of light; tried out the new camera to also play with light

  • Vivid — Before the Light
  • Vivid — Press Play
  • Vivid — Light of Sound I
  • Vivid — Light of Sound II

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Edinburgh 2011 — A Dream in Masonry and Living Rock


Robert Louis Stevenson described the city as "a dream in masonry and living rock"; the quote seemed apt as I wandered the city's streets for a few days in early March 2011, everywhere the influence of the mountains and their exposed rock and the dark local stone that looks so different to the other western European cities I'm used to.

  • Edinburgh Steps
  • Edinburgh Castle I
  • Edinburgh Hub
  • Edinburgh Streetscape I

(28 photos)

Edinburgh Castle VI


Edinburgh Castle VI

Paris 2011 Part II


A few final photos from Paris, late February 2011

  • Paris XVI — St Sulpice
  • Paris XVII — Canal St Martin
  • Paris XVIII — Canal St Martin
  • Paris XIX — Canal St Martin

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