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Taken around Torquay, Jan Juc, Bell's Beach and Airey's Inlet; 8March2008

  • Fenced off; Beginning the cliff walk
  • Gents
  • The Boardwalk
  • Fishers

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Chinese New Year 2008


A parade wound its way through Sydney for Chinese New Year on 10February2008; I caught some images of the various groups on the side streets waiting to feed onto George St, and some later as the parade neared its end at Darling Harbour

  • The Dragon
  • Stone Soldiers
  • Photographer
  • Lantern Bearers

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Sydney, NYE 2008


Midnight, 31December2007 to 1January2008; brought in the New Year at Neutral Bay with a view over the harbour; too dark to take "real" photos, but all sorts of beautiful colours in here.

  • Sydney 2007
  • Sydney 2008 - I
  • Sydney 2008 - II
  • Sydney 2008 - III

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The Soominch Collection, November 2007


Shot these over two sessions in November. The first four are from a shoot in Martin Place on the evening of 21November2007; there's only a single outfit in those. The remainder were shot at Liz's restaurant in Eastwood on 25November2007; there are five-and-a-half outfits in those (for the final one we only changed the top), including a repeat of the one from the Martin Place shoot.

Clothes by Elizabeth Chang.

  • Outfit I - 1
  • Outfit I - 2
  • Outfit I - 3
  • Outfit I - 4

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Cats, and Bird


Cat blogging! Mainly an opportunity to try the dSLR on different subjects. From 15-16September2007

  • Bird
  • Bird II
  • Cats
  • Cat and Bird

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The City In Lockdown


Went out shooting 8September2007, officially declared protest day for APEC. Walked around the thousands of cops lining Hyde Park and wandered along the fence at Circular Quay.

  • Police I
  • Police II
  • Protesters
  • Police III

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A Day in the City


Went out shooting the afternoon of 26August2007, to break in the new 400D.

  • The Coke Sign
  • The Cathedral
  • The Square
  • The Park

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The Roots


The Roots played the Enmore 10April2007, True Live played support

  • True Live
  • True Live
  • ?uestlove
  • The Roots

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Shooting Bombsites in Melbourne and Sydney


Shot over the space of a week in Melbourne and Sydney; 30Apr-4May2006

  • Melbourne: Waterfront
  • Melbourne: Abandoned Warehouse
  • Melbourne: Abandoned Warehouse
  • Melbourne: Enfogged

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Visited Barcelona Sep2-6. Explored the Barri Gotic, Barcelona's 'old town' equivalent, which is built atop the ruins of the old Roman settlement, and houses the city's cathedral. Also wandered around Montjuïc, where the complex for the Olympic Games was built.

  • Old Barcelona
  • Comtes de Barcelona
  • Barcelona Cathedral
  • Barcelona Cathedral

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