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Women in Rock and popular media

18Sep2010 [links]

Amy Klein reads Rolling Stone, and riffs on the portrayal of women in popular media:

I begin to feel increasingly alienated by this magazine. Once again, I’ve got a suspicion that’s rooted in the back of my mind — that the issue will not contain a single image of a woman holding an instrument of any kind. Perversely, I want to see if I’m correct.


Rolling Stone, at its purest form, was meant to be about rock and roll, and rock and roll is about rebellion, and if we let that spirit die, than we are missing out on everything the genre has to offer. Are we going to patrol the borders of American culture so as to admit only straight, white males? Or are we going to open our culture up to challenge oppressive systems of race and class, and privilege, and gender, and sexual orientation? This is what rock and roll was meant for, and what the spirit that captures the collective imagination of youth can accomplish, if it is funneled constructively into the future.

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