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Matrix Reloaded & Revolutions

23Nov2005 [movies]

Been a while since I've seen these, so over the last couple nights I watched the Matrix/es Reloaded and Revolutions (they stand largely independent of the first Matrix). Watching them from a cyberpunk perspective, I was pleasantly surprised at how well they stood up. I always liked the films but was half-expecting to be let down with a repeat viewing. Anyway, they're remarkably internally consistent, which is by far the most important aspect of a film and complicated story like this. (Though they're not really internally complete - many references are dependent on The Animatrix and Enter the Matrix, both produced at the same time as the sequels.) ...A few observations about the myth:

The purpose of The One is to bring about the end of the world (Matrix), in order for it to be created anew. Smith, as Neo's equal and opposite, shares his Purpose. Notice that everything we are told about the Purpose of The One, by both the Architect and the Oracle, appears to be true. Though the Machines clearly didn't mean for Zion to survive, and nor for Smith to run rampant, all programs served their Purpose. And I'm inclined to see 'The One' as a Program.

The character of Sati, the Purpose-less Program girl, is fascinating because she is so mysterious. There are hints throughout the sequels and Enter the Matrix that she is extremely important, but aside from the final pretty sunrise, she doesn't actually do anything. I want to believe that there is more to her than presented just in Neo's story.

And if this were Gibson, when the Merovingian proposed a deal (The Eyes of the Oracle for Neo), our heroes would have accepted.

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