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The City


[ Lost. Stumbling. The Silence of the City overwhelms me. Without Her sounds I […]

The Prophetess


Our hero's story 'begins' when he, somehow, finds himself at the wrong end of a […]

Phi (Jade Cut) now online


In which I finally release the five episodes of Φ, collected from around the internet of 2008 and made available at […]

The City Reborn


In which I sense Her imminent return, and their downfall, and the truth of the tale outside of time […]

Dream City


In which I find a city that isn’t a City, and only really exists in a dream of itself […]

Raphaël — Outline I of VI


The book I'm writing is divided into two parallel stories — one in the 19th cent […]

3-23July2011 :: These (Hong Kong) Weeks


*(From a week ago)* The last few weeks have been awfully rushed, something of a […]

The Unseen City


The Story > > In early 2011, finding myself drifting and in need of a b […]

Jungle City


In which the City reveals Herself to me, with a beautiful and terrifying vision […]