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Tripping Europe

06Aug2005 [france]

This is likely my last post around here for a while. I'm off to Paris tomorrow afternoon. For the next six weeks or so I'll only have intermittent internet access. I'll take lots of photos, and while on WYD I hope to get lots of video footage that I can cut into a documentary of sorts. I've bought two extra long-lasting camera batteries especially for the occasion -- there'll be no running out of power at the final overnighter!

Travelling with a Sydney pilgrimage group in France for a week, then World Youth Day in Cologne (Aug15-21). Then I meet up with Liz and we go to Santiago de Compostela and elsewhere in Spain's North West. After a brief pause in Pamplona, I head to Barcelona for four nights (2-6Sep), then to England for a week. While in England I'll be at the Perplex City meet-up in London on Sep10. I currently fly back to France on the 13th, in time to prepare for the next semester.