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06May2005 [search]

how cool/utterly hopeless is this:

NineMSN's google-killing search engine returns my site as the TOP RESULT for a search on "salif keita tomorrow" (only works on the australian msn site cos i've got the australian domain)

I'm also on page 4 of a search for "pride and prejudice script"

Just reinforces the problems we have with Search with the amount of information available online... No way does anyone want my site given either of those search terms (p&p's not so bad, it's a while in, but coming to my site because I mention I listen to a particular song?!)

Google on the other hand, isn't even checking my website... Gonna have to put some work into that

Update 9May05: the same search engine is returning my site at the top of page two on a search for 'christians view on the film harry potter'. Sure I've got a view, but I haven't expressed it here yet so I'm not sure it's a particularly helpful search result...

Update 12May05: Another One! a nineMSN search on 'google traditional costumes for japan' puts my site at number 2!

Also been doing some research re Google, still no hard and fast solutions though... And am thinking I might have to make a separate 'bits' category for absurd search terms ;)

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