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Artorius Rex-tended


(Excuse the lame pun). Wrote some more about King Arthur… For now it's basically reiterating what I already said with […]

Crazy Irish-Catholic terrorists


The news shows some of the hijackers getting through airport security and people get mad. But it's only post-911 that […]

Five and a half pages


You'd think that only 12 years after going to war with a country, and barely more since the US gave […]

now the banks are beating the scammers at their own game


Got a phishing email - one of those ones apparently from Westpac, with a link asking you to login to […]

I knew he was stupid, but really…


Alexander Downer, clever fellow that he is, today admitted that "poverty, disadvantage (and) hopelessly entrenched political impasses" are "long-running and […]

Artorius Rex


I've wanted for years now to make a film about King Arthur - when I heard about the new version […]