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Rethinking Judas


I've been thinking a lot about the myth of evil, and of evil characters. My general feeling though, is that […]

Code 46


My conclusion: Winterbottom doesn't have the brain for science fiction. On the surface, there's no doubt that this film is […]

Appreciations in Two Parts; or, Things I Miss, Or Don't


Having been back in Australia just over a week, I've been thinking about the differences between there and here, before […]

Updates: Everything Has To End


Have just finished editing my filmic flânerie and written the piece to accompany it. Am going to render the video […]

The Vampire's Story


The story of the Vampires cannot be told. Their history cannot be contained in any single tale. Instead, I shall […]

Places of Departure


I love ports: airports, stations, places of departure; the promise of the journey to come. The departure lounge acts as […]

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe


Saw Narnia with the cousins yesterday; the kids all enjoyed it so they're obviously doing something right. But a few […]



Am currently in England with Jenni and David and the cousins. Didn't get all the editing finished on my project […]



All I can say is: the is the first 'classic' I've _ever_ seen that I've actually enjoyed. Entertaining, and well […]

Search Term Spam


Time for some more bizarre and completely irrelevant search terms; these are just some of the ways people have found […]

Public Schooling, Religion, A Manifesto


a few thoughts on public schooling… a lot to do with religion and state stuff 1. public schools SHOULD NOT […]

My Snow Coloured Dreams


The year in France is coming to its end, and Reims is getting quiet. The five Aussies just had a […]

Australian Identity and Online Writing


Warning: Essay follows; this is what happens when the brain dumps core A couple of events have recently got me […]

Dumping Core


Ok, brain is full, desperately need to dump core to make space… Been doing lots of reading, thinking about all […]

Mysterious Packages Part II


or, More Reasons to Worship the Internet Following-up my previous post, and with pictures… We tried the Stormhoek Shiraz at […]

What I Want From the Future


This started life inside my head as a gadget wishlist, but it relates to a few other things. Anyway, for […]

Mysterious Packages


Couple of days ago found a DHL sticker on my letterbox, saying they'd tried to deliver a package. Had absolutely […]

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


Saw the new Potter movie last night. It's been a long time since I read the book (ie, not since […]

The Universal Library


A follow-up of sorts to Turing's Cathedral from George Dyson. The Universal Library talks about some of the implications of […]



Been experiencing some weirdness with the website over the last couple days, but it looks like it was only me […]

Matrix Reloaded & Revolutions


Been a while since I've seen these, so over the last couple nights I watched the Matrix/es Reloaded and Revolutions […]

The Cyberpunk Educator


Watched The Cyberpunk Educator, available for download. It's an exploration of 1980s cyberpunk film and isn't half bad. Watch out […]

White vs Beige, Round 3


White makes unexpected 3rd Round comeback Apple played a little sneaky, showing its 'education discount' card - a saving of […]

The City


Lost. Stumbling. The Silence of the City overwhelms me. Without Her sounds I am blind. I cannot feel Her rhythms, […]

Desktop Specs


After making lists of suitable desktop Beasts, I've gone back and reduced to a set of minimum specs. For now […]

2006 Enrolment


Just enrolled in next years classes… Was hard to make decisions as it's going to be my final year of […]

Site Updates


Made a few changes to the site over the last couple days. Dumped the ?tribes box and moved the ?currently […]

Languages I Want To Learn


This year in France (and travelling in Europe) has changed the way I think about language. I don't want to […]

White vs Beige, Round 2


Been researching further. Started by going after the high-end systems, completely out of my reach financially, but worth getting an […]

Drop that double-u-double-u-double-u-dot


Seriously, get rid of those www.'s. They're clumsy to say, and they're four extra keypresses I don't want to have […]

A History of Violence


Though only 1h35, this film is too long. It's okay all told, a take on the former-gangster's American dream is […]



This is up there as one of the most confused movies ever made, proving that the whole is never equal […]

Turing's Cathedral


Interesting essay by George Dyson on the history of digital computing; the really interesting part comes in some speculation at […]

I don't HATE Microsoft


I'm rather ambivalent towards Microsoft… Past experience has taught me not to use Windows until they prove otherwise. And I […]

QOTD: French and Saunders


“Who's there?” “Madonna” “A Madonna, Mother of Our Lord?” “No, The Madonna, Mrs Guy Ritc […]



Finally finished my Project Proposal and sent it off… I don't think it makes a lot of sense, but because […]

Reclaiming the label Amateur


Let's take back the name 'Amateur'. An amateur isn't supposed to be someone that doesn't know what they're doing, an […]

Desire (1936)


Just watched Desire, a Marlene Dietrich and Gary Cooper black and white from 1936. Dietrich plays a European con-chick/jewel-thief; Gary […]

That's not a knife


Excellent comments on the state of broadband in Australia over on Bleeding Edge. The Americans think they've got it bad […]

Site Updates


Was hoping to change the ?bits feed to Atom1.0, but after writing it, discovered that Akregator, my feed reader, doesn't […]