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An interesting post over at The New Normal on the challenges faced by Old Media in regards content and distribution. […]

Around Town


Shots from around Reims... A few funky night shots, some with snow, some more recent as it's been warming up... Added more from end March

  • Snow, Cathedral
  • And Champagne
  • Lanson
  • Reims by Night

(20 photos)

Chez Moi


My studio in various messy states; check out the extremely ugly wallpaper and tiling

  • My First Coffee
  • My First Coffee
  • A Home-Cooked Meal
  • Setting Up

(9 photos)

Six Weeks Later...


Well it took a while, but I'm finally online… That means there'll be a few little changes to the site, […]



Finally got internet at home, albeit dialup. I'm still waiting on France Telecom to activate my ADSL(2+) line, but fortunately […]



From my visit to London Feb 17th. Some shots round the city and at the Tower.

  • The Tower, London
  • The Tower, London
  • St Pauls, London
  • St Pauls, London

(11 photos)



Everyone's seen Stonehenge so this is relatively short (compared to the dozens of photos I have of it on my laptop). Went walkabout in the general area as well

  • Stonehenge
  • Stonehenge Environs
  • Stonehenge
  • Stonehenge

(6 photos)



Visited Bath Feb 15th...

  • Roman Baths, Bath
  • Roman Baths, Bath
  • Roman Baths, Bath
  • Roman Baths, Bath

(7 photos)

Sarum, Old and New


a little hill and valley that's been housing people for thousands of years... Oh and one of the biggest Cathedral spires anywhere, ever...

  • Old Sarum
  • Old Sarum
  • Old Sarum
  • Old Sarum

(9 photos)



Visited Oxford Feb13th... A couple interesting museums, lots of old stuff, and some amazing architecture

  • University Museum, Oxford
  • University Museum, Oxford
  • University Museum, Oxford
  • Pitts River Museum, Oxford

(10 photos)



Mentioned on The Corporation: slavery did not end because the market collapsed. It ended because enough people asserted that there […]

Elves Of Valinor Warn Of 'Critical Security Flaw' in Palantir Browsers


at defective yeti This is genius. Apparently the palantir browsers have (yet another) security hole that allow a remote user […]

four legs good, two legs ...


An interesting article on SMH today - talking about communism/marxism and fascism. Good to see someone point out that just […]

Acts of God


some good and some bad in the responses to the tsunami… I'm very impressed by the fact that Aussies are […]

what terrorism may achieve


William Gibson quotes Lord Hoffman (UK House of Lords) on terrorism and the Brits new laws to allow them to […]

My Favourite Book


So the results of ABC's My Favourite Book poll are in. Lord of the Rings came in first - my […]

Terrorist Descent


Brilliant cartoon in The Boondocks today: it's hard to tell if someone's a terrorist these […]

more Centrists


Been reading the last couple of months on William Gibson's blog - looks like he returned in time for the […]

Xenon specs leaked


There's a document with Xbox2/Xenon specs doing the rounds, supposedly leaked from MS. Specs look attractive, although there's obviously still […]

kill everyone


I love how people can point out the hypocrisy in politicians opposing abortions while attacking Iraq. …And then conclude that […]

trendy lefties


No wonder Catholics form center parties…! Now not only have 2 Coalition invaders been restored, they've done so with an […]

Xinit/VNC hack


Just installed VNC at home. Running the Windows server on our XPHome machine, and the client on my laptop - […]

countdown to china


Finally got some details for departure - now the real countdown begins. Flying Cathay Pacific too, which is a pleasant […]

digital delivery


Ripped unashamedly from Penny Arcade: “Imagine that you had to go to a well every time you wanted water. Then, […]

funky google trick


Cool trick, discovered this in a roundabout way. Some librarians got together to create a bookmarklet that could link direct […]

appeasement is a dirty word


How long till the 'JAKARTA BOMBING' (!!) gets used for election purposes. Johnny's probably smart enough not to blatantly say […]



Sydney Uni Life Debate on Abortion today. Unfortunately both sides tended to stray into stereotypes and cliches, unwilling to really […]

another little victory


got a letter printed in the uni magazine - Vertigo. Pretty trashy mag really, but still… As follows: “in the […]

Artorius Rex-tended


(Excuse the lame pun). Wrote some more about King Arthur… For now it's basically reiterating what I already said with […]

Crazy Irish-Catholic terrorists


The news shows some of the hijackers getting through airport security and people get mad. But it's only post-911 that […]

Five and a half pages


You'd think that only 12 years after going to war with a country, and barely more since the US gave […]

now the banks are beating the scammers at their own game


Got a phishing email - one of those ones apparently from Westpac, with a link asking you to login to […]

I knew he was stupid, but really...


Alexander Downer, clever fellow that he is, today admitted that “poverty, disadvantage (and) hopelessly entrenched political impasses” are “long-running and […]

Artorius Rex


I've wanted for years now to make a film about King Arthur - when I heard about the new version […]

The name of this class, 'abc', conflicts with the name of another class that was loaded, 'abc'


Macromedia Flash forums: Wow, I searched all over the web and these forums, and finally, a “solution” I'm using Forms, […]

'at no time did australian troops...'


Getting more and more worried everytime Johnny and his posse tell us Australian troops weren't involved in prisoner abuse at […]

The Altar Of Reason


there's still a web design section coming… Now that uni's finished for the semester I'll try build some more. But […]

cut and run


Didn't think Mark Latham's call to get out of Iraq was very sensible at first (after all, we - Australia, […] Feedback


Hi, I use your website for a client and I find it very annoying/temperamental. My browser of choice is Konqueror, […]

aligned with evil


Trying to rewrite this site in standards-compliant XHTML and CSS, but IE6 is giving me hell. This page looks beautiful […]