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The City In Lockdown


Went out shooting 8September2007, officially declared protest day for APEC. Walked around the thousands of cops lining Hyde Park and wandered along the fence at Circular Quay.

  • Police I
  • Police II
  • Protesters
  • Police III

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A Day in the Life of the City


In which I break in the new dSLR […]

A Day in the City


Went out shooting the afternoon of 26August2007, to break in the new 400D.

  • The Coke Sign
  • The Cathedral
  • The Square
  • The Park

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Crises of faith


In which I put an end to the crises of small-f faith, and realise that, being in the right environment, my Faith doesn't waver anymore […]

Try Before You Buy


In which my music piracy is justified […]

Green is a Status Symbol


In which I refuse to be distracted by the dallyings of the idle rich. […]

Phi (Jade Cut) now online


In which I finally release the five episodes of Φ, collected from around the internet of 2008 and made available at […]

iTunes, Now With Added Freedoms


Apple recently released a number of songs under the banner of “iTunes Plus”. Individually, the songs are ~30% more expensive […]

Random on Windows


In which I am baffled by the mystery that is Windows, and once more wooed by the ease with which one can make Python work, even there […]

Weeping for a Film


In which I shoot a film overnight and watch another too-emotional film while still chemically imbalanced […]

This is one reason so many long-time Unix nerds have found themselves so happy using Mac OS X


Read this comment in a footnote over on John Gruber's latest epic, about every Mac user's new favourite web dev […]

Photos with location clouds


In which I give prominence to the places from where I've taken the most photos […]

Now ETagging Right!


In which I stop fighting the framework and let Django handle ETags the right way […]

The Roots, Live at the Enmore


In which my head stops ringing long enough to appreciate an amazing live performance. […]

The Roots


The Roots played the Enmore 10April2007, True Live played support

  • True Live
  • True Live
  • ?uestlove
  • The Roots

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In which I wonder just whose politics got into *300* […]

Settling In, And A Withdrawal


In which I am reconnected, the final stage of making the house a home. […]

Taking Her Offline


In which I put the new site online, and take the iMac offline […]



In which I try roll over the website while everyone else rolls over midnight […]

Semantics and Style :: Markup for Dialogue


In an effort to create something as portable as possible, I wrote my latest screenplay in near-plain text (using Markdown […]

Winter with Django


The list of things I want to change on this site has just kept on growing for some time now. […]

Quoting Song Lyrics


I have, as John Mayer sings, “too many corners in my mind” right now, and have been unable to get […]

The Prophetess


Our hero's story 'begins' when he, somehow, finds himself at the wrong end of a dark alley… (The theory is […]

Untitled Vampire Short :: Treatment


Just uploaded a treatment to the ?film section. This is a story outline for a 15-minute short I'm writing this […]

A Flickr photoset :: Europe in Black & White


(Skip straight to the photos: Europe in Black & White) I've been meaning to do something with all the photos […]

Recent Consumption


watched People I Know; started slow but interesting thriller once it got going; the racism was a bit weird though […]

Photos :: Darling Harbour under storm clouds


A few images from around Darling Harbour today. The storm clouds gathered but it didn't rain. I'm pretty impressed with […]

16-22July2006 :: This Week


watched The Brothers Grimm; “I know this story” watched 28 Days Later; a few too many conveniences at the end, […]

9-15July2006 :: This Week


watched the first part of Bleak House; it's setting up rather nicely, complete with nasty Dickensian exposition; but I'm not […]

A Vampire Lore


The vampires, with their cousins the werewolves, represent two extremes of human nature. If a true human is body and […]

2-8July2006 :: This Week


watched Annie Hall; not as amazing as Manhattan but in a similar vein started rereading Pattern Recognition; have been meaning […]

MySpace :: the latest victim of cultural ignorance


So MySpace just launched an Australian site. Haven't seen it marketed yet, so it's possible they'll fix things up before […]



Snapped this of the windows across the street from the Red Cross Blood Bank in the city. The perfect place […]

That Imp of Earth and Industry


Download (Quicktime 6+ MP4): 320x240 8MB version 640x480 22MB version Have just uploaded two versions of a film I made […]

25June-1July2006 :: This Week


watched The Society Murders; which strangely felt like propaganda for the victims' family watched Underworld Evolution; didn't have the edge […]

18-24June2006 :: This Week


watched Springtime in a Small Town; beautiful Chinese film; the film work was poetic: long, lingering shots with periods of […]

Working 9-5


Have just completed my 7th day of nine-to-five (well, 9-6 actually)… It really is awful. Was fortunate though: managed to […]

The Author and The Logos


I've just uploaded a piece I wrote for uni to ?myth=author_logos. I wasn't sure I even wanted to title the […]

4-10June2006 :: This Week


watched Answered by Fire (Parts I and II); first part focussed on the lead-up to referendum, much better than the […]

On Switching, Part the First


This is the first part of some bits I'm writing about migrating from Linux to Mac. Herein, I discuss my […]