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A Day in the Life of the City


In which I break in the new dSLR […]

A Day in the City


Went out shooting the afternoon of 26August2007, to break in the new 400D.

  • The Coke Sign
  • The Cathedral
  • The Square
  • The Park

(25 photos)

Crises of faith


In which I put an end to the crises of small-f faith, and realise that, being in the right environment, my Faith doesn't waver anymore […]

Try Before You Buy


In which my music piracy is justified […]

Green is a Status Symbol


In which I refuse to be distracted by the dallyings of the idle rich. […]

Phi (Jade Cut) now online


In which I finally release the five episodes of Φ, collected from around the internet of 2008 and made available at […]

iTunes, Now With Added Freedoms


Apple recently released a number of songs under the banner of “iTunes Plus”. Individually, the songs are ~30% more expensive […]

Random on Windows


In which I am baffled by the mystery that is Windows, and once more wooed by the ease with which one can make Python work, even there […]

Weeping for a Film


In which I shoot a film overnight and watch another too-emotional film while still chemically imbalanced […]

This is one reason so many long-time Unix nerds have found themselves so happy using Mac OS X


Read this comment in a footnote over on John Gruber's latest epic, about every Mac user's new favourite web dev […]

Photos with location clouds


In which I give prominence to the places from where I've taken the most photos […]

Now ETagging Right!


In which I stop fighting the framework and let Django handle ETags the right way […]

The Roots, Live at the Enmore


In which my head stops ringing long enough to appreciate an amazing live performance. […]

The Roots


The Roots played the Enmore 10April2007, True Live played support

  • True Live
  • True Live
  • ?uestlove
  • The Roots

(8 photos)



In which I wonder just whose politics got into *300* […]

Settling In, And A Withdrawal


In which I am reconnected, the final stage of making the house a home. […]

Taking Her Offline


In which I put the new site online, and take the iMac offline […]



In which I try roll over the website while everyone else rolls over midnight […]

Semantics and Style :: Markup for Dialogue


In an effort to create something as portable as possible, I wrote my latest screenplay in near-plain text (using Markdown […]

Winter with Django


The list of things I want to change on this site has just kept on growing for some time now. […]

Quoting Song Lyrics


I have, as John Mayer sings, “too many corners in my mind” right now, and have been unable to get […]

The Prophetess


Our hero's story 'begins' when he, somehow, finds himself at the wrong end of a dark alley… (The theory is […]

Untitled Vampire Short :: Treatment


Just uploaded a treatment to the ?film section. This is a story outline for a 15-minute short I'm writing this […]

A Flickr photoset :: Europe in Black & White


(Skip straight to the photos: Europe in Black & White) I've been meaning to do something with all the photos […]

Recent Consumption


watched People I Know; started slow but interesting thriller once it got going; the racism was a bit weird though […]

Photos :: Darling Harbour under storm clouds


A few images from around Darling Harbour today. The storm clouds gathered but it didn't rain. I'm pretty impressed with […]

16-22July2006 :: This Week


watched The Brothers Grimm; “I know this story” watched 28 Days Later; a few too many conveniences at the end, […]

9-15July2006 :: This Week


watched the first part of Bleak House; it's setting up rather nicely, complete with nasty Dickensian exposition; but I'm not […]

A Vampire Lore


The vampires, with their cousins the werewolves, represent two extremes of human nature. If a true human is body and […]

2-8July2006 :: This Week


watched Annie Hall; not as amazing as Manhattan but in a similar vein started rereading Pattern Recognition; have been meaning […]

MySpace :: the latest victim of cultural ignorance


So MySpace just launched an Australian site. Haven't seen it marketed yet, so it's possible they'll fix things up before […]



Snapped this of the windows across the street from the Red Cross Blood Bank in the city. The perfect place […]

That Imp of Earth and Industry


Download (Quicktime 6+ MP4): 320x240 8MB version 640x480 22MB version Have just uploaded two versions of a film I made […]

25June-1July2006 :: This Week


watched The Society Murders; which strangely felt like propaganda for the victims' family watched Underworld Evolution; didn't have the edge […]

18-24June2006 :: This Week


watched Springtime in a Small Town; beautiful Chinese film; the film work was poetic: long, lingering shots with periods of […]

Working 9-5


Have just completed my 7th day of nine-to-five (well, 9-6 actually)… It really is awful. Was fortunate though: managed to […]

The Author and The Logos


I've just uploaded a piece I wrote for uni to ?myth=author_logos. I wasn't sure I even wanted to title the […]

4-10June2006 :: This Week


watched Answered by Fire (Parts I and II); first part focussed on the lead-up to referendum, much better than the […]

On Switching, Part the First


This is the first part of some bits I'm writing about migrating from Linux to Mac. Herein, I discuss my […]

28May-3June2006 :: This Week


watched The Family Stone; funny lite; very predictable watched Prime; light funny with some very understated humour; loved the ending […]