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Edinburgh 2011 — A Dream in Masonry and Living Rock


Robert Louis Stevenson described the city as "a dream in masonry and living rock"; the quote seemed apt as I wandered the city's streets for a few days in early March 2011, everywhere the influence of the mountains and their exposed rock and the dark local stone that looks so different to the other western European cities I'm used to.

  • Edinburgh Steps
  • Edinburgh Castle I
  • Edinburgh Hub
  • Edinburgh Streetscape I

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Edinburgh Castle VI


Edinburgh Castle VI

Travel Log VII


My time in Paris is coming to a close, and I'm once again finding myself ticking off a list of […]

Paris 2011 Part II


A few final photos from Paris, late February 2011

  • Paris XVI — St Sulpice
  • Paris XVII — Canal St Martin
  • Paris XVIII — Canal St Martin
  • Paris XIX — Canal St Martin

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Where the Magic Happened


Where the Magic Happened

Reims 2011 — A City That Never Was


Revisited Reims in February 2011; snapped photos of a few familiar sights, and many unfamiliar, the city going through a process of renewal that tries to establish a false history for itself.

  • Reims Tramway I
  • Reims Cathedral Forecourt
  • Reims Tramway II
  • The Vesle I

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10February2011 16:41

st sulpice, paris

Travel Log VI


A writing-focussed entry, this is an exceptionally weird piece, but as will become clear, I need to get it out. […]

Paris 2011


A collection of photos from January and February 2011, in and around Paris

  • Paris I — Inside the Louvre
  • Paris II — Louvre by Night
  • Paris III — Champs d'Élysée
  • Paris IV — Champs d'Élysée

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Travel Log V


Writing continues apace; I've so far killed off one character, given another depression that will likely kill her, and shown […]