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10February2011 16:41

st sulpice, paris

Travel Log VI


A writing-focussed entry, this is an exceptionally weird piece, but as will become clear, I need to get it out. […]

Paris 2011


A collection of photos from January and February 2011, in and around Paris

  • Paris I — Inside the Louvre
  • Paris II — Louvre by Night
  • Paris III — Champs d'Élysée
  • Paris IV — Champs d'Élysée

(15 photos)

Travel Log V


Writing continues apace; I've so far killed off one character, given another depression that will likely kill her, and shown […]

26January2011 16:00

preparing for a set in apple store (@ Apple Store)

26January2011 15:56

my new running track

26January2011 15:54

pyramid/holy grail

Travel Log IV


writing is going well; I'm able to turn out over a thousand words even when I'm not really in the […]

Travel Log III


Have been in London just over a week, but had very sporadic internet access while here. I've now reached St […]

London — Contemporary Architecture 2011


The City of London visitor centre had a brochure with a walking tour of the city, highlighting a whole lot of contemporary architecture; the Gherkin is particularly well-known (and I've included it in a couple of the photos), but the city is full of new developments (plenty of building sites too), and it's some really interesting architecture, especially beautiful when set against the City's really old buildings too.

  • London I — One New Change
  • London II — St Pauls from One New Change
  • London III
  • London IV

(8 photos)

Raphaël — Outline I of VI


The book I'm writing is divided into two parallel stories — one in the 19th century, one in the 21st […]

Travel Log II


In Salisbury to catch up with cousins, and for a little downtime to get myself into the idea of establishing […]

Travel Log I


Made it to London a couple of days ago — in time for a quiet New Year's Eve — and […]