Peter M Howard ::

13May2011 09:00

the moon on the sails (@ Sydney Opera House)

On the PlayBook


In which no-one knows how to sell a future-device […]

1-7May2011 :: This Week


Watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show (imdb); reasonably entertaining, even if it does go on a bit, and half the […]

24-31April2011 :: This Week


A shortened work week, with no reduction in work, of course, so things got too crazy for much reading and […]

17-23April2011 :: This Week


picked up the iPad 2 (and a whole lot of books for the Kindle) been reading Bram Stoker's Dracula, and […]

Not Too Big; Not Too Little; The Goldilocks Device


So I bought the iPad (2) at the beginning of this week; some observations follow. I had a basic understanding […]

10-16April2011 :: This Week


Watched half of Paris Vu Par (imdb); it's a collection of shorts by various French New Wave directors, capturing pieces […]