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19-25June2011 :: This (Canberra) Week


This week was Black & White & Sex, and Zombieland, book-ending a trip to the nation's capital. Watched Black & […]

12-18June2011 :: This (SydFilmFest) Week


This week was Beats Rhymes & Life, Target, Date Night, All About Love, A Separation, Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No 1, […]

5-11June2011 :: This (Last) Week


This week was X-Men: First Class, Troll Hunter, Cults, Sleeping Beauty, and Tomboy. Watched X-Men: First Class (imdb); enjoyed it, […]

Sleeping Beauty


Julia Leigh’s Sleeping Beauty prompted a few responses, but the thing that came across overwhelmingly was that it’s a film […]