Peter M Howard ::

17February2019 07:34

friends’ new baby is the most gorgeous red-headed girl, and already totally insta ready

06January2019 15:12

went wandering the moors, met some wild ponies (@ Bellever Tor)

05January2019 23:33

fun wedding, and glitter art, and the spirit of bowie #ricedotake2 (@ Trevenna Barns)

04January2019 17:44

visited Tintagel — King Arthur’s Castle and Merlin’s Cave are both closed while they shore up the rocks and build a new bridge, so only have photos like this from afar — but the coastline is utterly gorgeous, and enjoying it with very few people around is still magical… and no filter, the water really is that blue! (@ Tintagel, Cornwall)

02January2019 16:22

visited @edenprojectcornwall and just loved it — the gardens and domes are all sunken in this crater, so they’re revealed as you walk down, and really do feel like this hidden world (@ Eden Project)

01January2019 12:37

had to continue my NYD tradition of a big walk on the water’s edge, just from Plymouth this time! (@ Plymouth)

30December2018 12:09

could I have found a more London place to stay on my first night?!

28December2018 08:30

amazing food and wine and vibe at @matilda159domain — and a rare meat meal, reinforcing these being for special occasions (@ Matilda159)