Peter M Howard ::

The Last Ten Thousand


In which the final chapters seem larger than those that came before […]

24July-6August2011 :: These (Early Spring) Weeks


These weeks were The Quantum Thief, Me And Orson Welles, Captain America, Youth Novels, Two Suns, Outcasts, and a few […]

Critiquing Reality TV


I love just the implication that one could offer a critique of something like Jersey Shore: I don’t write that […]

3-23July2011 :: These (Hong Kong) Weeks


(From a week ago) The last few weeks have been awfully rushed, something of a blur, with a last-minute trip […]

30July2011 12:03

authentic mexican food and music at el cuervo cantina

13July2011 12:07

they serve hoegaarden in buckets here