Peter M Howard ::

19February2012 06:41

a little taste of reims

17February2012 07:58

fairies have moved into the backyard #butterflydreams

14February2012 02:10

new soomin scarf, just in time for the cold!

The Unseen City


The Story In early 2011, finding myself drifting and in need of a break from the always-on always-chattering world, I […]

05February2012 05:41

step 3: enjoy in the shade

05February2012 05:39

step 2: tip vermouth, transfer ice to mixer, pour gin

05February2012 05:38

step 1: vermouth over ice, coat the glass

02February2012 18:56

first coffee

28January2012 06:31

quiet bar, cheap food, great beer #lovethiscity (@ Albion Place Hotel)

27January2012 12:37

crooning @kanyewest

27January2012 12:37

27January2012 12:35

where are you @kanyewest?

25January2012 08:22

self (@ Sydney Opera House)