Peter M Howard ::

14March2012 07:45

the iPad's screen's flaw isn't that it's too low-res, it's that I can't read under light

12March2012 07:32

bar one hundred (@ Bar 100)

12March2012 07:20

presented without comment (@ Bar 100)

07March2012 01:45

inside a big cubic fishbowl (@ 321 Kent Street)

04March2012 02:57

so fresh (@ The Baron)

28February2012 07:58

estrella on tap! been too long (@ The Duck Inn)

25February2012 05:26


19February2012 06:41

a little taste of reims

17February2012 07:58

fairies have moved into the backyard #butterflydreams

14February2012 02:10

new soomin scarf, just in time for the cold!

The Unseen City


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