Peter M Howard ::

04August2019 16:06

ending a whirlwind work trip w a stop in the qantas gin bar

03August2019 12:17

a vegan doughnut in the park, a lazy london summer afternoon (@ Hyde Park)

14July2019 06:05

the vegan options here are pretty average and we’re surrounded by great fresh seafood so I had an exception meal with this incredible tuna tartare (and a nice rosé on a hot and sunny “winter” afternoon) (@ Salt House)

13July2019 04:35

escaping the cold for the weekend, lazy afternoon (@ Cairns, Queensland, Australia)

05July2019 02:53

incredible quinoa lentil stew w crispy fritters from @indianfritterie — perfect for this rainy day

16June2019 07:26

today’s weather called for comfort food — this spinach and (vegan) ricotta calzoncino hit the spot! (@ Gardener's Lodge)

26May2019 05:52

a week in boston and a week in nyc and my first day back in sydney is like this #lovethiscity

30April2019 07:34

McLaren Vale is a small region, but was a great place to spend a couple of nights — the Shiraz Trail is a walk- and bike path that connects the town and a bunch of neighbouring wineries, which made for an easy sunny day of tasting! (@ Shiraz Trail, Mclaren Vale)