Peter M Howard ::

13July2018 13:28

gorgeous dinner at @paperbarkrestaurant, typified by this rainbow explosion in one’s mouth; some great natural wines in support too! (@ Paperbark Restaurant)

07July2018 07:13

today I visited the northernmost and southernmost tips of Oahu — beautiful island, and these wild parts are worth it (would probably all be better for fewer americans)

05July2018 06:51

maybe this, too, since the mountains at one’s back are big and beautiful and imposing but supporting all at once (@ Haleiwa Beach Park)

05July2018 06:50

I haven’t been posting photos ‘cause it is difficult to capture how gorgeous this place is; this filtered thing barely comes close — sunset right outside my door! (@ Haleiwa Alii Beach Park)

30June2018 02:42

brunch at the new fave @paperbarkrestaurant — too hard to pick one thing from the menu so why not two (@ Paperbark Restaurant)

17June2018 06:17

didn’t catch a photo of the food but had basically the entire brunch menu and it was all delicious, and as beautiful as the interiors; looking forward to lots of time spent here @paperbarkrestaurant #eatmoreplants (@ Waterloo)