Peter M Howard ::

24June2012 02:08

well hello sydney, you're looking beautiful this morning #lovethiscity

23June2012 09:23

#more #fire #winter (@ Parramatta Riverside Theatres)

23June2012 09:11

staying near fire on this cold winter's night (@ Parramatta Riverside Theatres)

23June2012 07:28

23June2012 07:26

sydney festival, well worn

20June2012 07:55

"joy juice" (@ Menya Noodle Bar Chinatown)

19June2012 07:53

burrito tuesday. that's a thing, right? (@ Guzman Y Gomez)

16June2012 22:35

coffee at home, with cute new kettle and a real coffee grinder

16June2012 11:37

cibo fries #latergram #yum (@ Cibo e Vino)

16June2012 10:54

cheesecake (@ Cibo e Vino)

16June2012 00:45

home! (@ Dalgety Square)

11June2012 07:00

transferring my life into boxes

02June2012 01:46

the new local (@ Mecca Espresso)

02June2012 01:43

measuring up my soon-to-be home

29May2012 10:20

mca #VividLIVE (@ Museum of Contemporary Art)

29May2012 10:19

light on glass (@ Stitch Bar)