Peter M Howard ::

16December2012 07:44

roscoe's had enough /cc @reubert23

15December2012 04:36

last of the xmas shopping

15December2012 02:59

trying the new lunch menu at @meccaultimo — delish roast chicken salad (@ Mecca Espresso)

07December2012 05:30

xmas drinking with the red ant crew (@ Uchi Lounge)

02December2012 02:10

wasn't sure what bag I wanted, but prada had exactly it

02December2012 01:22

oops (@ Prada)

29November2012 02:51

look ma, no pixels!

27November2012 01:33

taco tuesday! (@ Cantina Mobil)

26November2012 07:37

simple food, slow cooked to fix in the flavours @hungrymondays

25November2012 01:33

#nofilter, just a beautifully dark double shot (@ Campos Coffee - Sydney Opera House)

23November2012 07:05

martini time

22November2012 08:13

satay and sake

18November2012 07:21

pie in a jar. sugar coma. (@ Hartsyard)

18November2012 01:00

compostable coffee cup and lid — ingenious @thebaron_yourlocal

09November2012 01:51

enjoying a sunny day off (@ Hyde Park)

08November2012 22:34

shenanigans. @VCCPAustralia launch