Peter M Howard ::

16January2013 01:31

stay classy surry hills

15January2013 07:17

obligatory @sydney_festival duck shot (@ The Giant Duck)

15January2013 01:29

not a terrible way to spend a lunch break #lovethiscity (@ Harmony Park)

14January2013 20:58

alright, I suppose I'll face the day now

13January2013 04:59

veal shanks, meat just falling off the bone (@ Ragu Pasta & Wine Bar)

06January2013 05:56

how could I resist hot cross buns at this time of year?!

04January2013 06:46

my 2013 in arts so far, starting with @sydney_festival from tomorrow!

02January2013 07:48

trying something healthy for the new year: delish smoked salmon and cherry tomato salad

28December2012 09:05

no need for a filter when the effect applied in-camera

28December2012 04:11

compare: this was me for the last five years!

28December2012 04:06

so this is me for the next five years; not too bad

27December2012 03:59

emo brownie — his fringe made of fairy floss (@ The Winery by Gazebo)

27December2012 03:58

dessert (@ The Winery by Gazebo)



On a kind-of love, and falling into their eyes: a kind-of fiction. […]

21December2012 00:30

final day of work and one last ethiopian yirgacheffe f/ joe black; abusing it with a paper cup!

17December2012 08:02

new @joebuttonsup for summer