Peter M Howard ::

25October2012 06:57

work in progress @sydneydanceco (@ Sydney Theatre)

23October2012 07:24

wasn't expecting a runny ‘tarta santiago’, but it’s so tasty I’ll forgive that transgression (@ Movida Sydney)

23October2012 06:41

this fish tastes like ham. genius. (@ Movida Sydney)

23October2012 06:32

a fish! he's happy to be here (@ Movida Sydney)

10October2012 08:13

this started life as pistachio gelato, mixed with liqueurs to become a delicious drink (@ Spiedo Restaurant & Bar)

06October2012 04:36

today fast becoming about eating and too much coffee; my fifth double for the day (@ The Baron)



While watching Looper, I thought, They don't make movies like this anymore. But now I understand, There's a good reason […]

30September2012 05:54

30September2012 03:36

flavours of spring; bubbly and bbq

30September2012 01:56

colours of spring

27September2012 05:53

miranda devine, who regularly insults australians, discovers irony

26September2012 02:07

office hours