Peter M Howard ::

03February2013 06:11

I have a character; trying to discover where she comes from

30January2013 07:44

not actually a parisian metro station (@ Le Pub)

A Scifi Prologue


I’ve been trying, recently, to write more fiction, something that’s difficult to do in a long-form. So I’m trying more […]

24January2013 09:17

town hall as paradiso is a very cool space (@ Paradiso At Town Hall)

23January2013 10:41

final shots before the duckie floats away #sydfest (@ The Giant Duck)

23January2013 06:52

magical chilli sauce (@ Misschu)

22January2013 21:37

new @guzmanygomez coming close to work AND home #uhoh (@ World Square Shopping Centre)

20January2013 06:36

umeshu post- very impressive ramen, and I came in here skeptical (@ Ippudo ( 一風堂))

18January2013 08:42

and then!

18January2013 08:22

charlotte gainsbourg in AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER; I like the look of this movie already

17January2013 10:24

the great duck, looking especially like a visitor from outer space all strangely illuminated #sydfest (@ The Giant Duck)

17January2013 04:22

thought I'd get a happy photo, but even it's kind of sad