Peter M Howard ::

06April2013 00:10

something to decorate the walls with — canvas print of an old photo from versailles

05April2013 01:21

some days you just need bacon; coffee and breakfast for lunch then! (@ Joe Black)

04April2013 06:44

my first official rejection! who to submit to next?

30March2013 10:28

massive 13km walking tour of the city tonight

30March2013 00:42

hooray for the long weekend #recoveryday (@ Sourdough Bakery Bar)

27March2013 10:25

beautiful, stimulating, creative night with the SSO vanguard (@ The Tea Room)

25March2013 03:24

coming down off a big weekend, savoury muffin is a revelation — pear, ricotta & saffron, pumpkin seeds (@ Mecca Espresso)

25March2013 01:11

one last bit of beach (@ Warriewood Beach)

24March2013 23:39

easy monday, packing up after a beach-eat-drink weekend (@ Avalon)

20March2013 01:18

@rustum134 what have you gotten me into? Rusty at @vellanero — smooth and strong! (@ Vella Nero)

19March2013 07:22

#selfie #wiwt #redshoes (@ Bar At The End Of The Wharf)

19March2013 07:16

#lovethiscity (@ Bar At The End Of The Wharf)

18March2013 06:34

#wiwt #joebutton

17March2013 04:06

free book and 50% off HBO with GoT s2; beats torrents!

16March2013 04:07


13March2013 02:59

wandered around the streets of surry hills under the clear blue sky