Peter M Howard ::

23September2013 09:19

#selfie with FIELD #artandabout #lovethiscity (@ Hyde Park)

21September2013 09:35

hip hop battling at the top of my street #lovethiscity (@ Beams Arts Festival Of Chippendale)

18September2013 11:35

most gorgeous sydney-themed wedding invite #lovethiscity

15September2013 03:46

this cat thinks he’s a dog

10September2013 08:22

theatre @ourgoldenage (@ Golden Age Cinema & Bar)

30August2013 08:18

short sleeves and rum on ice; this is sydney in winter #lovethiscity (@ Sydney Opera House)

22August2013 07:58

I'm masterchef-skeptic but @eatarttruck faithful; delish crispy chicken w/ couscous