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17June2013 07:39

#opal me

13June2013 08:27

#more #dragons #GoT

27May2013 07:51

the gloom and the rain rolled in over the harbour, the bridge lit in neon #lovethiscity (@ Bar At The End Of The Wharf)

25May2013 04:44

took a bunch of photos from yesterday’s sails light-up @vividsydney

Light and Rain


Light and Rain

Vivid — Lighting the Sails 24May2013


This year’s lights on the Opera House aren’t quite as good as last’s, but still lots of beautiful colours and the play of light; tried out the new camera to also play with light

  • Vivid — Before the Light
  • Vivid — Press Play
  • Vivid — Light of Sound I
  • Vivid — Light of Sound II

(17 photos)

17May2013 03:59

finally made it to that fish place (@ Fish Place)

16May2013 09:01

new toy, in the hope I take more and better photos

11May2013 04:14

this is my happy face; exhausted, salt-sweat covered, glorious soundtrack

11May2013 04:03

21km mark; boom (@ Wentworth Park)

11May2013 03:27

16km mark, slowing down (@ Main Quadrangle)

11May2013 02:28

5km mark, taken without pausing #lovethiscity (@ Campbell Cove)