Peter M Howard ::

30August2013 08:18

short sleeves and rum on ice; this is sydney in winter #lovethiscity (@ Sydney Opera House)

22August2013 07:58

I'm masterchef-skeptic but @eatarttruck faithful; delish crispy chicken w/ couscous

12August2013 07:30

james squire sundown at sundown at the local (@ Lord Wolseley Hotel)

11August2013 03:19

unagi rice: light on eel but delicious, crusty rice on hot stone (@ Ippudo ( 一風堂))

11August2013 03:18

ippudo fried chicken: succulent, nice light batter (@ Ippudo ( 一風堂))

11August2013 03:16

the best way to eat my greens: honey sesame cucumber (@ Ippudo ( 一風堂))

06August2013 08:11

a little egg white in my gin (@ Assembly Bar)

03August2013 13:09

#uncle #ninong

29July2013 05:30

apparently it’s almost christmas