Peter M Howard ::

17November2013 00:45

one last birthday bottle before hitting the road (@ Brokenwood Wines)

16November2013 07:08

a walk through the vines to wind down

16November2013 00:32

dismal weather is perfect for wine tasting (@ Tempus Two)

14November2013 06:41

my own little piece of NYC: a +POOL tile (and opening week passes, if I'm there!)

11November2013 07:51

also, copenhagen working its way up my list! who knew

11November2013 07:49

cosy space for Danish Design at the House (@ Sydney Opera House)

11November2013 07:18

have to souvenir this bottle

10November2013 01:18

MATANGI is the same M.I.A., same great wit, with a matured sound and lush production

10November2013 01:17

polka x polka

04November2013 06:51

the weather is nuts and sydney’s still crazy beautiful #lovethiscity

03November2013 05:11

gorgeous fit-out in @darlotheatre’s new theatre; brick and wood and iron and stained glass (@ Eternity Playhouse)

03November2013 04:37

not how I was expecting it to be “served with a slice of lemon” (@ The Commons Local Eating House)

27October2013 04:04

january sorted with early acquisition of @sydney_festival tix

Sydney Harbour 2013


after travelling in October 2013, took a ferry to Manly and rediscovered the beauty of Sydney Harbour

  • Harbour I
  • Harbour II
  • Harbour III
  • Harbour IV

(4 photos)

20October2013 04:44


20October2013 03:38

tasty rainbow of beer (@ 4 Pines Brewing Company)

18October2013 10:24

just some of the leftovers