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04November2013 06:51

the weather is nuts and sydney’s still crazy beautiful #lovethiscity

03November2013 05:11

gorgeous fit-out in @darlotheatre’s new theatre; brick and wood and iron and stained glass (@ Eternity Playhouse)

03November2013 04:37

not how I was expecting it to be “served with a slice of lemon” (@ The Commons Local Eating House)

27October2013 04:04

january sorted with early acquisition of @sydney_festival tix

Sydney Harbour 2013


after travelling in October 2013, took a ferry to Manly and rediscovered the beauty of Sydney Harbour

  • Harbour I
  • Harbour II
  • Harbour III
  • Harbour IV

(4 photos)

20October2013 04:44


20October2013 03:38

tasty rainbow of beer (@ 4 Pines Brewing Company)

18October2013 10:24

just some of the leftovers

14October2013 08:03

“collect friends to maximize points”

13October2013 01:28

and it’s good to see you again too Sydney #lovethiscity

Hong Kong 2013


Visited Hong Kong in October 2013; amazed by how much it keeps changing

  • Development I
  • Development II
  • Development III
  • From the Peak I

(12 photos)

12October2013 04:07

that’s a great flat white (@ Fuel Espresso)

12October2013 03:34

very funky thai contemporary restaurant (@ Greyhound Café)

11October2013 12:55

new bag #shopping

10October2013 11:04

fancy some jazz in the hotel bar of an evening (@ Lanson Place Hotel)

10October2013 03:47

from the top of Hong Kong (@ Sky Terrace 凌霄閣摩天臺)

09October2013 09:26

this nonsense strikes me as crazy, until I realise these tactics worked for the Libs at home #LetsTalk

09October2013 05:42

then down this dodgy corridor for really good coffee (@ Café Corridor)

09October2013 05:40

#shopping #hellosailor (@ Club Monaco)

08October2013 10:23

good evening hong kong (@ Lanson Place Hotel)