Peter M Howard ::

25June2014 05:09

all the food pretty great but this Laab Gai was just brilliant (@ Chin Chin)

25June2014 05:05

sitting at the kitchen at Chin Chin, drooling over the flavours and scents and colours (@ Chin Chin)

25June2014 00:26

egg, kale, and broccolini, from melbourne’s original cafe-for-a-good-cause (@ Kinfolk Cafe)

24June2014 11:40

closing the night with a glass of red in the hotel lounge (@ Grand Hotel Melbourne)

24June2014 08:04

german and “other european” beers on offer (and sensibly priced!) (@ Hophaus, Southgate)

24June2014 08:03

delish beef brisket (@ Hophaus, Southgate)

24June2014 01:16

checking out Feast of Merit; a funky cafe for a good cause (@ Feast of Merit)

22June2014 04:46

delicious cider, and a menu proudly full of local produce (@ The Apple Shed)

21June2014 02:37

second breakfast (the first went too soon to get a photo); delicious food and coffee here (@ Ginger Brown Cafe)

20June2014 11:36

crowds under light #darkmofo winter feast

20June2014 11:33

fire & meat; winter feast #darkmofo

20June2014 03:51


20June2014 02:25

MONA (@ MONA - Museum of Old and New Art)

19June2014 12:57

hard to describe hobart, but this about sums it up: a blend of art, of architectures, of layers old and modern

19June2014 12:55

maple-glazed donut burger and chilli fries; I think I died tonight (@ The Winston)

18June2014 02:35

one last hit of @paramountcoffee before holidays (@ The Paramount Coffee Project)

08June2014 04:32

bought some beautiful new glass