Peter M Howard ::

30January2014 07:25

‘burrito’ of kimchi fried rice and korean fried chicken. so wrong but so tasty. (@ Ko and Co Soju Bar)

30January2014 07:14

this guy (@ Ko and Co Soju Bar)

My Sydney Festival 2014


This Is My City In Summer […]

26January2014 01:20


2014 Gates Annual Letter: Myths About Foreign Aid


Brilliant essay from Bill & Melinda Gates, on myths about poverty and foreign aid: 3 Myths That Block Progress For […]

24January2014 03:17

finally got to @paramountcoffee for lunch, with @nogglez — delicious trout rilette, and a divine nectar yirgacheffe on filter and espresso (@ Paramount Coffee Project)

23January2014 21:11

morning shot; a delicious citrusy kenyan from @meccaultimo (@ Mecca Espresso)

22January2014 10:01


19January2014 02:36

good coffee found in darlington (@ The Shortlist)

18January2014 02:14

Christian Boltanski’s CHANCE (@ Carriageworks)

17January2014 06:16

that sky #lovethiscity (@ Sky Terrace at The Star)

15January2014 02:10

the rusty back on the board, with pride of place @rustum134 (@ Vella Nero)

12January2014 03:58

exxopolis gateway #SOHsummer (@ Exxopolis)

12January2014 03:36

exxopolis cathedral #SOHsummer (@ Exxopolis)

30 and Excited About


In which getting old is opportunity […]

10January2014 09:07

cardboard warriors rampaging down church st #sydfest #boxwars

10January2014 07:04

out in parra to see an old friend #sydfest (@ Rubber Duck, Sydney Festival)

10January2014 06:52

guess who’s been this way #sydfest

30 and Tired Of


In which I’m getting old […]

31December2013 23:31

still beauty amidst the muck; happy new year sydney! #lovethiscity

31December2013 23:30

morning circuit through last night’s remainders

29December2013 12:49

getting a fire starting

29December2013 01:04

great coffee, and open for the holidays: score (@ Blue Bird)

27December2013 13:05

?uestlove on the drums. in a genre known for drum machines, this man is delightfully messy (@ Hordern Pavilion)

27December2013 13:02

roots crew. amazing musical exploration (@ Hordern Pavilion)