Peter M Howard ::

07July2014 07:25

first of the barossa haul arriving!

04July2014 10:51

winding up my final night of holidays with a glass of champagne in a weird/cute faux-french wine bar (@ Apothecary 1878)

04July2014 09:52

another bring-me-everything meal: excellent beef pho, whole quail, and fish cake rolls (@ Little NNQ)

04July2014 06:50

back at press* for a delicious raw kingfish and dry sparkling rosé (@ Press* food & wine)

04July2014 03:13

Adelaide’s take on modern Asian is impressive; standout this sublime smoked trout (@ Gin Long Canteen)

03July2014 11:08

next, a rum cocktail, and an incredibly weird bit of improv comedy (@ La Boheme)

03July2014 08:58

next, actual (if deliciously non-traditional) pintxos: one mushroom w/ capsicum tortilla, and this sweet potato and jamon iberico; glass of mencia to match (@ udaberri)

03July2014 07:40

second stop a little bigger than I thought: a pancetta salad and a smooth rioja tempranillo (@ The Gallery)

03July2014 06:58

Adelaide seems to have a tapas thing going, so this evening I'm bar hopping; first up, veal croquettes and a côtes du rhône (@ Press* food & wine)

03July2014 06:15

a bit of NYC in Adelaide (@ Downtown HDCB)

03July2014 03:58

it’s not actually that cold, but winter in SA seems to mean beautiful fires everywhere

03July2014 03:24

oh alright, one more winery, on the way back to adelaide; cute family place making very french style wines (@ Somerled Wines)

02July2014 10:31

duck two ways. yes. (@ Vintners Bar & Grill)

02July2014 06:07

love the wine geek labels (@ Yelland and Papps)

02July2014 06:06

saved the best till last; cute little family winery making some brilliant drops; another dozen please (@ Yelland and Papps)

02July2014 02:36

this place is impossibly pretty, and doing great wine (@ Hentley Farm Wines)

01July2014 12:18

very tasty corn fritter entree, but went downhill from there; a bit underwhelming given nearly everyone visiting or local to the barossa recommended 1918! (@ 1918 Bistro and Grill)

01July2014 08:08

another great small winery, and another dozen bottles bought; cool tasting space too (@ Rockfords Winery)

01July2014 06:41

pause for lunch in the middle of a day of wine tasting

01July2014 04:08

great little estate winery; stocked up on another half dozen (@ Gibson Wines)

30June2014 02:46

and dessert, what I came back for: banana roti (@ Chin Chin)

30June2014 02:02

back at chin chin; first time wasn’t a fluke; beautiful thai/viet-style chicken and prawn and slaw salad (@ Chin Chin)

30June2014 00:57

a hit from sensory lab on my final melbourne morning (@ Sensory Lab Specialty Coffee)

30June2014 00:54

shakshouka baked eggs with smoked salmon. amazing (@ Bowery to Williamsburg)

28June2014 05:05

coffee with audrey (@ Yackandandah, VIC)

28June2014 03:40

wild venison and apple and red cabbage slaw (@ Gigi's of Beechworth)

27June2014 05:28

for dessert, a wonderfully airy baked ricotta cheesecake (@ King River Cafe)

27June2014 05:26

eating local; amazing braised duck and lentils (@ King River Cafe)

26June2014 08:52

mum and dad’s mid-holiday for home-made lasagne (@ Yackandandah, VIC)

26June2014 02:24

the commercial, beechworth

25June2014 11:24

chamber music tonight, by Firebird Trio (+2), including a wonderful Vaughan Williams piano quintet (@ Melbourne Recital Centre)

25June2014 05:37

and dessert, sticky rice and banana and coconut (which was delicious, but defeated me) (@ Chin Chin)