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Singapore 2013


Travelled to Singapore in Sept/Oct 2013; an amazing Jungle City, all about the coexistence of the island jungle, the changing climate, and precarious engineering

  • Memorial I
  • Memorial II
  • Memorial III
  • Alien Superstructures

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02October2013 07:44

wifi by the pool (@ New Majestic Hotel)

01October2013 11:49

out to gillman barracks today to check out the contemporary art scene; some very good stuff (@ Michael Janssen Singapore)

30September2013 13:19

these alien super-trees are incredible, and there’s a great green story being told in the whole park (@ Supertree Grove)

30September2013 07:01

and if I'm here a while, martini time (@ db Bistro Moderne)

30September2013 06:59

seems the kitchen noticed I was camping out and sent a pile of mini muffins. so bad but so good. (@ db Bistro Moderne)

30September2013 06:44

saffron tagliolini with spanner crab. paired it with a grüner veltliner. all fresh and full of flavour. (@ db Bistro Moderne)

30September2013 06:41

jamon iberico. just the right balance of sweet and savoury, with a beautiful chianti sangiovese (@ db Bistro Moderne)

27September2013 07:45

work email off, holidays on

23September2013 09:19

#selfie with FIELD #artandabout #lovethiscity (@ Hyde Park)

21September2013 09:35

hip hop battling at the top of my street #lovethiscity (@ Beams Arts Festival Of Chippendale)

18September2013 11:35

most gorgeous sydney-themed wedding invite #lovethiscity

15September2013 03:46

this cat thinks he’s a dog

10September2013 08:22

theatre @ourgoldenage (@ Golden Age Cinema & Bar)