Peter M Howard ::

06August2014 09:15

the homemade vegetarian adventures continue: brown rice and lentil coconut curry thing is amaze

04August2014 09:14

this ‘Tax Receipt’ the most disgusting piece of propaganda; “welfare” clustered at the top to make it seem especially large/bad, “interest” on debt called out repeatedly as though it’s actually a problem because it has a number against it, plus the numbers skewed across mismatched financial years anyway

02August2014 08:08

so here’s a thing: made up a spinach and ricotta pasta bake, with capsicum, mushroom and chilli to keep things interesting; delicious!

02August2014 03:56

this is ‘Anna’; have made a couple practice shots and already a revelation

31July2014 11:50

“losing reality to the lovers of coffee”

31July2014 02:39

that colour! (@ The Paramount Coffee Project)

30July2014 11:10

it’s too dark here to get a photo of the food, but: had really high expectations and still blown away! (@ Nomad)

27July2014 01:09

the depth charge: porter plus ristretto shot; more from the delightful marriage of @rocksbrewingco and @vellanero (@ The Rocks)

19July2014 05:59

OR #deus (@ Deus Ex Machina)

19July2014 05:57

WANT #deus (@ Deus Ex Machina)

19July2014 04:15

since I’m on a local breweries tip, I had to drop into @younghenrys for a couple of smooth drops (@ Young Henrys)

19July2014 02:27

perfect pulled pork; with great food, sublime freshly brewed beer, and @vellanero coffee, @rocksbrewingco is totally worth going out of the way for (@ Rocks Brewing Company)

18July2014 03:26

it’s a get-out-and-enjoy-the-Green kind of day (@ The Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney)

11July2014 12:39

this guy / that grin (@ House Thai Northeast Street Food)

08July2014 09:58

#lovethiscity (@ Sydney Opera House)

07July2014 07:25

first of the barossa haul arriving!

04July2014 10:51

winding up my final night of holidays with a glass of champagne in a weird/cute faux-french wine bar (@ Apothecary 1878)

04July2014 09:52

another bring-me-everything meal: excellent beef pho, whole quail, and fish cake rolls (@ Little NNQ)

04July2014 06:50

back at press* for a delicious raw kingfish and dry sparkling rosé (@ Press* food & wine)