Peter M Howard ::

17February2019 07:34

friends’ new baby is the most gorgeous red-headed girl, and already totally insta ready

06January2019 15:12

went wandering the moors, met some wild ponies (@ Bellever Tor)

05January2019 23:33

fun wedding, and glitter art, and the spirit of bowie #ricedotake2 (@ Trevenna Barns)

04January2019 17:44

visited Tintagel — King Arthur’s Castle and Merlin’s Cave are both closed while they shore up the rocks and build a new bridge, so only have photos like this from afar — but the coastline is utterly gorgeous, and enjoying it with very few people around is still magical… and no filter, the water really is that blue! (@ Tintagel, Cornwall)

02January2019 16:22

visited @edenprojectcornwall and just loved it — the gardens and domes are all sunken in this crater, so they’re revealed as you walk down, and really do feel like this hidden world (@ Eden Project)

01January2019 12:37

had to continue my NYD tradition of a big walk on the water’s edge, just from Plymouth this time! (@ Plymouth)

30December2018 12:09

could I have found a more London place to stay on my first night?!

28December2018 08:30

amazing food and wine and vibe at @matilda159domain — and a rare meat meal, reinforcing these being for special occasions (@ Matilda159)

17December2018 10:20

work xmas party had us all painting, and I’m quite happy with how it turned out after many years away from the canvas! also nice how amy’s (left) vs my works varied while based off the same reference