Peter M Howard ::

07September2014 07:48

a pause for beer as the light goes from the sky (@ Harlequin)

04September2014 10:37

tonight my first meat in a month, but the highlight dish still these fried artichokes (@ Movida Sydney)

24August2014 07:37

whiskey and rum, and raspberry for colour; delightfully dry (@ Grain Bar)

24August2014 06:47

over-relied on salt, butter, & cheese, but nice to discover some interesting new flavours: pumpkin gnocchi, macadamia, zucchini flowers (@ Cafe Sydney)

23August2014 05:03

“Continue until you run out of colours, / or you get somewhere.”

23August2014 01:06

noms. vegan crepes with coconut yoghurt, berries, raw chocolate. plus a decent almond latte @sadhanakitchen (@ Sadhana Kitchen)

22August2014 08:44

felt kinda strange ordering a veggie burger, but I think it’s a thing I could do again (@ Mars Hill Cafe)

20August2014 11:52

compare and contrast; excited to read both of these!

17August2014 09:08

invented a vegetarian chilli. perfect winter food. the no-meat adventure continues.

11August2014 03:29

saying goodbye to the godson

09August2014 02:21

coffee pitstop in bathurst, and their specialty is a smooth dbl ristretto 3/4 latte (@ The Hub)

07August2014 03:59

sugar-crashing after delicious @paramountcoffee waffles with peanut butter icecream and dulce de leche for breakfast (twice this) (@ The Paramount Coffee Project)