Peter M Howard ::

07October2014 08:43

and dessert, mostly chosen because it was made right in front of me, and a good choice for that; a beautiful orange blossom custard (@ Nomad)

07October2014 07:49

giving myself a meat meal, first in a month, so had to do it in the best possible way; amazing lamb rump from @restaurantnomad (@ Nomad)

04October2014 04:52

tried out the new vego-by-default lunch menu at @meccaultimo — delicious brown rice salad a nice start to the long weekend (@ Mecca Espresso Ultimo)

03October2014 08:42

headdress / dance machine. Ken Thaiday (@ Carriageworks)

30September2014 12:24

oculus!! #squee #nerd

30September2014 11:17

feels like summer

30September2014 05:16

crazy hot day warrants an iced coffee and cold fizzy tea, and working in the window at @paramountcoffee (@ The Paramount Coffee Project)

28September2014 09:33

finally checking out Foundry616 — @vananhofficial and @chrispidcock doing a very cool piano & cello covers set

28September2014 03:54

a satisfying mound of kale, beetroot, pumpkin, walnuts, blood orange (@ Autolyse Sydney)

26September2014 22:56

spanish omelette with smokey aioli on a crusty roll. fresh. (@ Mecca Espresso Ultimo)

26September2014 09:21

bit of a change across these two