Peter M Howard ::

17March2013 04:06

free book and 50% off HBO with GoT s2; beats torrents!

16March2013 04:07


13March2013 02:59

wandered around the streets of surry hills under the clear blue sky

06March2013 11:27

I still miss the giant duck when I walk home through here #sydfest (@ The Giant Duck)

05March2013 06:26

delish beef fajitas; exy, but I'm liking this place, good selection of drink and produce (@ Jones The Grocer)

02March2013 01:49

good to share but great on one’s own (@ Youeni Foodstore)

26February2013 07:06

the unexpected package in the mail is a kickstarter delight #LeavingMegalopolis 134/250

21February2013 06:12

now I can sit at a table to eat

18February2013 08:29

going veg tonight

18February2013 05:41

weather guys trying a few different words for rain just to mix things up