Peter M Howard ::

08February2015 07:25

Liu Xiaoxian’s stunning Our Gods, each portrait made up of tiny versions of the other (@ Art Gallery of New South Wales)

08February2015 05:52

finally trying Yulli’s, ’cause a natively vego menu beats meat-less alternatives at other places; felafel and leek dumplings both delicious (@ Yulli's Surry Hills)

07February2015 01:21

brown rice salad and a cold brew; perfect for summer (@ Mecca Espresso Ultimo)

06February2015 06:12

aaanndd, I’m out… strange saying goodbye to a job and a team and a client I could stick with for years, but nice to go out on top, and looking forward to brand new things next week! in the meantime I’m without a computer, and that’s an even stranger feeling

31January2015 09:47


24January2015 01:27

Glass’s musical portrait of Close, before Close’s portraits of Glass; weird and wonderful music in a weird and wonderful setting, beautifully performed by Sally Whitwell; love the MCA bringing together arts like this (@ Museum of Contemporary Art Australia)

22January2015 11:40

Nas is like... The most amazing show, with Illmatic and a fast-forward through his 20-year discography (@ Enmore Theatre)

22January2015 09:58

did not expect abbie cornish supporting nas, nor that she wasn’t too bad (@ Enmore Theatre)

21January2015 08:43

quinoa and whatever I had left in the fridge, dressed with a little bit of lemon juice and sriracha; a revelation #eatmoreplants

19January2015 09:31

a farm veg pasta bake going down beautifully with a Gibson GSM. made of such a random mix of stuff I won’t ever reproduce it #eatmoreplants

18January2015 08:21

sautéed butternut pumpkin, beet, kale & chard; I should dress this but I’m enjoying the flavours too much right now

18January2015 03:48

this veggie burger was so good I almost felt guilty eating it (@ Suzy Spoon's Vegetarian Butcher)

17January2015 11:31

loved Sinkane at last year’s @sydney_festival, backed by only a couple musicians; with ATOMIC BOMB he’s taken it to a whole other level… funk is alive! (@ Enmore Theatre)

17January2015 09:13

there’s a satisfying amount of percussion on this stage; waiting for the ATOMIC BOMB to go off (@ Enmore Theatre)

17January2015 01:49

trying out a @collectiveharvest bag; I have no idea what to do with all this stuff, but it looks and smells amazing

14January2015 07:45

there’s cricket in my Apple TV, and it’s powered by Brightcove (who I’m joining next month!)

13January2015 08:22

10-year-old Peter is aghast that I would be voluntarily eating beans; even 20-year-old Peter doesn’t understand the colours #eatmoreplants

11January2015 11:50

tonight’s #sydfest organ music was accompanied by electric guitar and synth, with amazing ethereal vocals; Anna von Hausswolff is some sort of gothic metal (@ Sydney Town Hall Grand Organ)

10January2015 10:57

first of two #sydfest nights of organ at town hall; tonight a mix of contemporary and baroque church-y music set to photography of australian bushland, an interesting meditative mix (@ Sydney Town Hall Grand Organ)