Peter M Howard ::

29April2014 02:11

bibimbap, @paramountcoffee style. amazing. (@ The Paramount Coffee Project)

25April2014 05:45

iggy’s album has finally dropped and it’s all kinds of awesome #bounce @thenewclassic

24April2014 10:39

gorgeous wood-covered memo books and a pile of extras from @fieldnotesbrand

24April2014 08:00

cafe sydney with the fam on a balmy autumn evening #lovethiscity #reflection (@ Café Sydney)

24April2014 05:53

cheers to the freakin’ weekend

22April2014 01:46

threw down the Business, taking time with the Pleasure; because it’s that kind of week (@ Paramount Coffee Project)

21April2014 08:03

up in the air

21April2014 06:30

bye albury (@ Albury Airport (ABX))

18April2014 03:02

these two

17April2014 05:37

not #friday, but something light before the long weekend (@ Paramount Coffee Project)

11April2014 03:55

#friday (@ Paramount Coffee Project)

08April2014 22:17

our new front of office welcome

Captain America: The Winter Soldier


The best of the Marvel movies yet […]

21March2014 06:46

when @paramountcoffee do vegetarian, it’s an eggplant schnitzel bathed in chilli cheese sauce and a corn and beans salsa. it’ll still give you a heart attack. amazing (@ The Paramount Coffee Project)

13March2014 07:05

the rocks sandstone and that beautiful sky #lovethiscity (@ Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel)