Peter M Howard ::

20November2014 07:30


19November2014 08:18

Lou, rendered on a Jacquard tapestry; not sure if it’s cyberpunk or steampunk or just punk (@ Museum of Contemporary Art Australia)

17November2014 01:59

tasted as good as it looked! freekeh & trout salad (@ The Paramount Coffee Project)

16November2014 00:21

second breakfast. a whole delicious mess of sautéed mushrooms piled up on beautiful sourdough. (@ Autolyse Sydney)

15November2014 11:26

yeah, it felt like a big day; good to make up for a fairly light week

15November2014 03:52

made it back to @sadhanakitchen for the tacos; delish, raw, vegan #eatmoreplants (@ Sadhana Kitchen)

15November2014 02:39

that colour! a beautiful New Englander Brown Ale at @kingstonpublic (@ Kingston Public Bar & Kitchen)

10November2014 11:50

speaker front and centre, tonight’s listening experience all about the recorded mix (@ The Red Rattler Theatre)

10November2014 11:33

a night of such fascinating music that I came away needing to acquire a record player; Ensemble Offspring’s SECRET NOISE will be an experience! (@ The Red Rattler Theatre)

09November2014 09:50

bridge, through window (@ Pier 2/3 Club Stage, Walsh Bay)

09November2014 08:01

gearing up for synergy percussion in this amazing wharf space (@ Pier 2/3 Club Stage, Walsh Bay)

09November2014 04:10

made it out to paper plane, for decent coffee and tasty truffled eggs (@ Paper Plane Cafe)

08November2014 12:54

had somehow never watched WEST SIDE STORY, so went big, with live score by @sydneysymphonyorchestra; some great music, and an undeniable classic, an obvious influence on much that came later; but the most bizarre culture shock, as the film veered wildly between being remarkably progressive and just casually awfully racist & sexist

06November2014 02:38

crabbie. this doesn't count as meat-eating (@ The Paramount Coffee Project)

05November2014 10:50

how did Twilight end up in my abc iview?

30October2014 21:49

cold brew by @samplecoffee in the morning sun; the best way to start day two of @webdirections

30October2014 07:40

about to spit into a test tube

28October2014 07:34

so this just happened #8weeks #anothernovel