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18April2015 08:54

at the sydney opera house for some sydney symphony and sydney dance company team-up #lovethiscity (@ Sydney Opera House)

16April2015 09:16

my first open bottle at home since Lent started; those 40 days are wonderfully habit forming, and have me appreciating this beautiful drop all the more

14April2015 10:37

won’t share all the dishes, but this was both pretty and delicious: crab and pickled melon (@ Cafe Paci)

14April2015 09:08

this is a pretty stunning way to eat broccoli: pan-fried in anchovy butter and egg yolk, served with cayenne-whipped hollandaise (@ Cafe Paci)

14April2015 08:23

settling in at cafe paci: weird drinks, weirder food, and a french chanson soundtrack; I’m hooked already (@ Cafe Paci)

12April2015 07:21


12April2015 04:12

my most anticipated superhero team of the season! a wild, crazy ride; and for a franchise that’s always been about the family we find, a fitting tribute to Paul Walker

11April2015 10:08

arrived home to a fresh pile of books; a couple of female-led fantasy series I can call research for my own upcoming novel

11April2015 10:06

sunset over clouds, somewhere above the seas

11April2015 01:35

having walked all morning, I’m allowing myself a waffle stop before I leave; Auckland you’ve been swell (@ The Shelf)

10April2015 23:38

out to Auckland’s inner suburbs for a raw/vegan hit; delicious tacos, cold drip coffee, and ginger kombucha (@ Little Bird Cafe in Ponsonby)

10April2015 21:26

came back for breakfast. this thing! (a great way to eat beans) (@ Odettes Eatery)

10April2015 06:07

and for dessert (slash breakfast), wood-fired camembert, peach, and crumble, with a crisp rosé; this is just stunning (@ Odettes Eatery)

10April2015 06:06

mix-and-matching, pickled olives & lavosh, wild mushrooms and “donuts”, and estrella on tap (@ Odettes Eatery)

10April2015 02:07

found an Auckland hipster hangout; delicious quinoa bowl with black bean and pumpkin, and cold-pressed juice (@ Misters)

09April2015 11:09

high drama in Auckland today! what I thought was a small kitchen fire drove us from our coffees. but then the fire made the news, and apparently they’re not simply reopening tomorrow. don’t actually know if it was serious or just more than this little city is used to. #toocute (@ Depot)

08April2015 21:26

in the land of the flat white, this is what I get even ordering a latte; silky smooth though, so worth it (@ Depot)

08April2015 12:22

Auckland, midnight. As we drove in I wondered what the massive spire was; turns out it’s Sky Tower, and I’m sleeping under it. (@ SKYCITY Grand Hotel)

05April2015 06:09

happy easter (@ Hyde Park)

03April2015 03:40

this classy guy couldn’t leave Ultimo without his @blackstarpastry cake and babycino (@ Black Star Pastry Powerhouse Museums Store)

01April2015 10:27

@younghenrys nattys all night (@ Darling Quarter)

01April2015 01:03

picking up some beans to keep at work (@ VELLA NERO coffee couture)

29March2015 07:50

another classic ‘I have no idea what I’m doing’ invention; a spiced stew, I guess: lentils, quinoa, and tomato; cumin, coriander, paprika; a pile of mushroom & veg; and a bit of tahini to thicken it; transcontinental, and sublime

29March2015 03:13

rainbow over the great hall (@ The Quadrangle, The University of Sydney)

25March2015 23:02

great coffee; interesting new name (@ Brew Collective)

They cannot go back


In which a dreamer wakes, a world emerging […]

22March2015 04:26

homemade spiced corn and cauliflower fritters, all from fresh; a lot of work, and not pretty, but so so tasty

22March2015 00:46

final day / decay (@ Carriageworks)